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SB105 Reverse Sombrero

LAST: 3376-D


SOLE: Full Leather, 8mm Thickness

COLOR: Reverse Sombrero

This Wing Tip Brogue is one of the very first shoes created by Di Bianco. It is timeless. The modern shape is complimented by a chiseled square toe. The Reverse Sombrero color is one of our most popular because it combines with most colors, can be worn year round, and is vibrant enough to bring up a serious suit.

  • Made using a Black Rapid construction which incorporates a second mid-sole, these can be resoled again and again but are not as heavy as a goodyear welted shoe.
  • Made from top quality box calf, all our calfskin shoes are tricked by hand and laa minimum of two weeks.
  • These shoes incorporate the "Sugharina" cork innerbedding which makes the shoes very comfortable.
  • The toes of the soles are tapped with nails which help reduce the wear of the toe area.
  • The inside corner of the heel is clipped to avoid catching on the cuffs of your pants.
  • lace up oxfords are the most common lace ups.
  • This shoe will fit true to size.
  • We recommend using a neutral cream on a bi-weekly basis and neutral polish when a shine is required. Neutral is recommended so as not to alter the special coloration of this shoe. We recommend Saphir polishes and creams.
  • Quality shoe trees are recommended after every wear and when storing. Shoe trees will help mitigate wrinkling and help wick away moisture
  • We recommend not wearing these shoes two days in a row allowing the shoes to rest and wick away moisture.
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