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SC546 Deco Alba

LAST: 3990-D

LEATHER: Calf Skin

SOLE: City: Thick Rubber


Modern cross over keeper detail makes this a unique and versatile shoe which you can easily dress up or down. Slightly rounder toe box. The stitching detail adds more versatility and subtle nuance to give it more than one way to wear them. An excellent all purpose shoe for jeans, trousers and suits.

  • The SPQR or Sport models are from the hybrid collection designed to offer a dress shoe appearance combined with unmatched comfort.
  • Made with the Bologna construction, the shoe is designed to be flexed 90 degrees.
  • The shoes have high density rubber soles which mirror the appearance of our leather dress soles but with durability, comfort, and practicality against moisture.
  • The uppers are all hand burnished.
  • Finally the shoes incorporate a silicone gel innersole (which will never harden or break down) that adds an extra level of comfort. Again, a great all purpose shoe offering the best of both worlds.
  • This model will fit true to size. However as loafers do not have laces or a strap to keep the foot in place, if you have a low instep or narrow foot you may need to size down a half size.
  • Minimal or no slip in the heel indicates a proper fit
  • We recommend using a neutral cream on a bi-weekly basis and neutral polish when a shine is required. Neutral is recommended so as not to alter the special coloration of this shoe. We recommend Saphir polishes and creams.
  • Quality shoe trees are recommended after every wear and when storing. Shoe trees will help mitigate wrinkling and help wick away moisture
  • We recommend not wearing these shoes two days in a row allowing the shoes to rest and wick away moisture.
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