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SD601 Raggio di sole Oceano


SOLE: Rubber

LEATHER: Raggio di Sole (Fine Grain Leather)

COLOR: Oceano

Hand-burnished and hand-finished pebble grain loafer with a shimmering ocean blue patina. Complete this look with khaki's, dark denim, shorts or white jeans during spring & summer.

  • Premium driving shoe that has been engineered to be worn for walking and prolonged wear.
  • Handmade in Italy, this shoe includes an elevated heel for support and stability along with an added arch support for added comfort.
  • Penny keeper detail
  • This model will fit true to size. However as loafers do not have laces or a strap to keep the foot in place, if you have a low instep or narrow foot you may need to size down a half size.
  • Minimal or no slip in the heel indicates a proper fit
  • We recommend using a neutral cream on a bi-weekly basis and neutral polish when a shine is required. Neutral is recommended so as not to alter the special coloration of this shoe. We recommend Saphir polishes and creams.
  • Quality shoe trees are recommended after every wear and when storing. Shoe trees will help mitigate wrinkling and help wick away moisture
  • We recommend not wearing these shoes two days in a row allowing the shoes to rest and wick away moisture.
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